Meet The Trainer

Pearl at Beach

Ramona Qualls, CPDT-KA has been training dogs for over 18 years and is the owner and operator of Northwest Dog Training Services.  Her dog training experience started with the training of her dogs for companion and therapy work.  After working with other trainers, she discovered differences in training techniques and philosophies.  She then turned her focus toward creating the kind of peaceable partnerships in the canine human world through her affiliation with Paws to Freedom and Mara Windstar in Portland, Oregon.  This began her work in training Diabetes Alert Dogs, Medical Alert and Assistance Dogs.   

At the time when Ramona trained her first Diabetes Alert Dog, the concept behind a dog being able to alert to changes in blood sugars was still an unknown.  Through patience, positive training and building of the canine /human bond, she works with dogs and their humans to open doors to the power of the human/canine connection.  In recent years, scientists have discovered that dogs are capable of so much more than we ever imagined.  She has worked with teams to teach assistance skills, diabetes medical alert and seizure detection.  Ramona also specializes in working with puppies starting at 8 weeks of age and working with them through adulthood to lay foundation work for tasks that are asked of them as Assistance Dogs.  The program for each dog is designed around the individual dog and the needs of the owner. 

Ramona is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and is Canine Good Citizen Evaluator through the American Kennel Club.  Ramona provides in-home consultations and training not only for potential service dogs but training and consultations for companion animals.