Training Philosophy

At NW Dog training, our philosophy focuses on deepening your relationship with your dog. All good relationships are based on trust, mutual respect, and love. Your relationship with your dog should be no different.  Our dogs look not only to us for food and shelter, but for love and guidance.  The cornerstone to NW Dog Training services is to assess and provide an enriching training program that builds on the dog/person relationship.  The goal of training should be to have your dog respond quickly and happily to a requested behavior, to enjoy the training process and look forward to training sessions.   

Because we speak different languages than our canine companions, it is important to provide them with the tools to understand what we want.  In turn, it is our responsibility to create a process that bridges an action to a word that explains to the dog what we want.  Most times when we see frustrated owners and frustrated dogs, we can take a step back and see that a breakdown in communication creates a series of events and new actions based on that lack of communication. 

The founder and trainer, Ramona Qualls believes in the philosophy of “training the dog in front of you”.  Every dog has strengths and weaknesses.  Just like humans, our dogs are not perfect.  Some dogs are meant for certain “jobs”, some are not.  Our goal is to take every team and evaluate their needs to make sure that we understand not only what the owner wants or needs from their dog but that the dog/human team is on the same page.  How is the dog’s health?  What is their overall quality of nutrition, exercise and outside enrichment?   

Our training methods are based on the principle of Positive Reinforcement to increase the frequency of your dog displaying good behaviors. By presenting your dog with something they love for performing a behavior, you will likely increase the frequency of that behavior. Conversely, removing a desirable reward for any behavior will likely decrease the frequency of that behavior.  It is not about filling your dog up with treats, although treats can be used.  It is about providing a positive experience for your dog to learn, to create an environment where the dog enjoys training and the owner is able to build on those behaviors to create new ones. 

We believe that if we train your dog for you, we have taught the dog a command.  If we train you on how to train your dog and build a positive relationship, you will have a lifetime of rewards.  Our goal is to provide you with knowledge and tools to know how to work on issues or problems outside of training sessions.   

We also provide services for those unable to physically train fully.  We provide task training, working with people with different levels of abilities to achieve their goals.  Our service dog training includes (but is not limited to):  Public Access Testing, Canine Good Citizen testing, focus on handler and ignore distractions, task training and pottying on command.  

Ultimately, dogs have the ability to change lives.  Let’s take that journey together.